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Take Advantage of Co-Managed IT Years’ of Experience

MSPs working together with your internal IT team allows you to enjoy some benefits of outsourcing IT functions. Their staff often have more experience that the arrangement makes your firm enjoy. They deal with systems of various clients. Their encounters may enable them to predict future challenges for your firm or resolve problems beyond your staff’s capabilities. The external crew may also train your employees.

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MSPs Offer Business Continuity

As their staff gets to work alongside your internal team, they will pick up some things that may help you. They can cover any voids left by an employee as you figure out a way forward. Their rates for the period will also be way cheaper than if you had a full-time staffer.


Every great idea starts with some simple brainstorming.

That’s the fun part. But when it comes to planning and executing on those ideas, it can become fairly difficult. Even the most seasoned information technology professionals can struggle because they’re already dealing with a range of demands

Why Managed IT Services
from Streamnet Inc.?

Let us take

for example

an in-house technology person or department. You pay a lot of money in salaries, benefits, training, and workstations for them to use.

An outsourced break

fix support company

on the other hand, is an entirely separate set of challenges. You end up having more technical issues than ever before because they get paid when things break.

From an

outsourced team

of technology professionals that know what they are doing, keep up with the evolving world of technology, AND undergo various certifications and ongoing training

Our technology

experts offer

managed IT services wherein we proactively monitor, manage, and maintain your systems – making sure issues are eliminated before they turn into costly downtime.



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